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Welcome to Khabarovsk!

Khabarovsk stretches along the bank of Amur River for 50 kilometers. The largest economic, financial and transportation center of the Russian Far East with population exceeding 800 thousand, Khabarovsk constantly updates and refreshes its appearance.

Its location at the intersection of land, water and air communications makes Khabarovsk a major traffic center, and immediate proximity of the state border enables dynamic development of economic, trade, educational and cultural relations.

Khabarovsk is separated from Moscow only by an 8-hour flight by a modern airliner. There are regular flights to Niigata, Aomori (Japan), Seoul (S. Korea), Guangzhou, Harbin (China), San-Francisco (USA), Tel-Aviv (Israel), Tashkent (Uzbekistan). In summertime, one can reach the neighboring Republic of China onboard a fast boat of Amur River Shipping Company, river-marine cargo boats and passenger ships cruise to seaports of the countries of South-East Asia. The friendly Khabarovsk has sister-cities in other countries: Niigata in Japan, Portland in the USA, Victoria in Canada, Harbin in the Republic of China.


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Fabrizio Corona, owner of an Italian photo agency, and 12 others are accused of inviting famous people to parties with starlets providing "favors." Corona allegedly photographed these incidents and used the most sensational pictures as blackmail.

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